How ?

  1. Be prepared for coming earthquakes.
  2. Learn how to be prepared for earthquakes.
  3. Learn what should we do before earthquakes occur.
  4. Learn what we should we do at the time of earthquakes.
  5. Learn what should we do after an earthquake

Before an Earthquake

  1. Construct earthquake resistant buildings and other structures.
  2. Retrofit old houses .
  3. If possible, avoid areas that are sensitive to earthquakes , where earthquake waves get amplified (Kathmandu and Terai like places)
  4. Identify safe places in your house, office and outside.
  5. Prepare first aid kit, torch, radio, food and water for at least three-four days.
  6. Educate students on how to protect ourselves at the time of earthquake.
  7. Put important documents (passport, citizenship, insurance) in safe place.

At the time of an Earthquake

  1. Don’t get panic. Panic kills you rather than the earthquake itself.
  2. Take shelter (if it is close) under strong furniture (tables, beds) close to walls under door frame.
  3. Keep away from HT lines of electricity.
  4. Keep away from windows.
  5. Keep away from high rise buildings.
  6. Keep away from tall structures.
  7. Stop your vehicle if you are on drive.
  8. If you are walking, stop now!!
  9. Keep away from very congested places like Ason in Kathmandu.

After Earthquake

  1. Be prepared for aftershocks
  2. Stop gas, electricity supply.
  3. Know the condition of your family and then go to safe places outside.
  4. Don’t use telephone (rescue team may want to use it)
  5. Rescue your family members first then your neighbors.
  6. If you are trapped, believe and wait rescue teams will come to rescue you.