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The aftershock sequence of the 2015 April 25 Gorkha-Nepal earthquake.  Geophysical Journal International 203(3) 2015 DMG & DASE
Overview of the Large 25 April 2015 Gorkha, Nepal, Earthquake from Accelerometric Perspectives Seismological Research Letters  86(6)
2015 DMG & DASE
Slip pulse and resonance of the Kathmandu basin during the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, Nepal.  Science 349(6252) 2015 DMG, Caltech & DASE
Estimating the return times of great Himalayan earthquakes in eastern Nepal: Evidence from the Patu and Bardibas strands of the Main Frontal Thrust Journal of Geophysical Research 19(9)
Primary surface ruptures of the great Himalayan earthquakes in 1934 and 1255 Nature Geoscience  6
Convergence rate across the Nepal Himalaya and interseismic coupling on the Main Himalayan Thrust: Implications for seismic hazard Geophys. Research 117 2012 DMG & Caltech
surface rupture of 1934 bihar nepal earthquake: implication for seismic hazard in nepal himalaya PhD Thesis   2011 DMG & IPGP
Investigating tropospheric effects and seasonal position variations in GPS and DORIS time-series from the Nepal Himalaya Geophysical Journal International 178 (No. 3) 2009 DMG & Caltech

Seasonal variations of seismicity and geodetic strain in the Himalaya induced by surface hydrology

Earth Planet Science Letter 266 2008 DMG & DASE

Seasonal modulation of seismicity in the Himalaya of Nepal

Geophysics Research Letter 34 2007 DMG & DASE

Plate motion of India and Interseismic strain in the Nepal Himalaya from GPS and DORIS measurements

Journal of Geod. 80 2006 DMG & DASE

Evidence for a great medieval earthquake (approximate to 1100 AD) in the central Himalayas, Nepal

Science 307 2005 DMG & DASE

Current shortening across the Himalayas of Nepal

Geophys. J. Int. 157 2004 DMG & DASE
Stress buildup in the Himalaya Journal of Geophysical Research 109 2004 DMG & DASE

Thermal structure and exhumation history of the lesser Himalaya

Tectonics 23 2004 DMG & DASE

Estimating streaming potentials associated with geothermal circulation at the MCT in central Nepal

Journal of Nepal Geological Society 26 2002 DMG & DASE

Geological, geochemical and electrical constrains on the transient flow mechanism of a periodic spring in Western Nepal

Journal of Nepal Geological Society 26 2002 DMG & DASE

Abandoned fluvial terraces across the Siwalik Hills: active fault bend folding at the Main Frontal Thrust and implications for Himalayan Seismotectonics

Journal of Geophysical Research   2000 DMG & DASE

Oblique convergence in the Himalayas of Western Nepal Deduced from Preliminary Results of GPS measurements

Geophysical Research Letters 26 (No. 13) 1999 DMG & LGCA (IDYLHIM Project)

Electrical structure of the Himalaya of Central Nepal: high conductivity around the mid-crustal ramp along the MHT

Geophysical Research Letters 22 1999 DMG, DASE & LIT (EOST,Strasbourg)

Seismotectonics of the Nepal Himalaya from a local seismic network

Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 17 1999 DMG & DASE
GPS measurements of present-day convergence across the Nepal Himalaya Nature 386 1997 DMG,CIRES & LGCA (IDYLHIM Project

Interseismic strain accumulation on the Himalayan crustal ramp (Nepal)

Geophysical Research Letters
22 (No. 7) 1995 DMG & DASE

Ground classification (microzoning) of Kathmandu valley on the basis of microtremor survey

Bulletin of the Department of Geology, Tribhuvan University 2 (No. 1) 1992 DMG, DASE & LIT (EOST,Strasbourg)

The aftershock sequence of the Udayapur (Nepal) earthquake of August 20, 1988

Journal of Nepal Geological Society 7 1991 DMG & DASE

The distribution of intensity of the Bihar_Nepal Earthquake of 15 January 1934 and bounds on the extent of rupture zone

Journal of Nepal Geological Society 5 1988 DMG & MIT

Historical earthquakes of Nepal

Bulletin of Nepal Geological Society 4 1986 DMG

Seismic model of central and eastern Lesser Himalaya of Nepal

Journal of Nepal Geological Society                   3       (No.1&2)          1986 DMG, DASE & IPG(Paris)                 

Crustal structure and variability of the Himalayan border of Tibet

Nature 307 1984 DMG & IPG (Paris)

Velocity Determination of Kathmandu  Complex

Journal of Nepal Geological Society 1 (No. 1) 1981