Gorkha Earthquake

Gorkha Earthquake 2015

Gorkha Earthquake 2015 On Saturday, on 25th of April 2015, Nepalese were enjoying the holiday; right at 11:56 (NST) Mid-Nepal was rattled by a deadly earthquake of Local magnitude (ML) 7.6 (Mw 7.8). The shaking of this earthquake remains around one minute in Kathmandu. Epicenter of this earthquake was around Barpak village of Gorkha district, 85 Km north-west of Kathmandu (Capital of Nepal), hence named as Gorkha earthquake 2015. Barpak as well as the Laprak village in Gorkha district was completely collapsed or destroyed. The focal depth of the earthquake was about 15 Km. The rupture of this earthquake propagate towards east. So the damage was more in the east than in the west of epicenter. 14 districts are severely affected by this earthquake. This was the first instrumentally recorded biggest destructive earthquake in Nepal after the operation of National Seismological Center some 37 years ago (Started in 1978 AD - completed 1998 AD). National Seismological Center (NSC) is a sole government organization under Department of Mines and Geology, Ministry of Industry, which continuously monitors earthquakes in and around Nepal. This center has detection capability to record any earthquake with magnitude ≥2 within Nepal. This is the biggest earthquake after 1934 Bihar-Nepal earthquake that occurred within Nepal. NSC issued more than 465 alerts of magnitude ≥ 4.0 till 2016/06/10. Aftershocks of Gorkha earthquake are still recorded and expected to continue, though the number is decreasing day by day. It’s normal to occur aftershocks after large earthquakes. Still we cannot say where and how big aftershock will occur but they may continue several months to few years. NSC opens 24/7 after this massive earthquake to immediately disseminate information about the earthquake which occurs within Nepal. NSC uploads the information in its website (www.seismonepal.gov.np), android mobile apps (Nepal earthquake) and in Notice board service (1618014410141). NSC request to all to fill the “Did you feel it” form available in the website to share their experience if they feel any earthquake, which will be used only for the scientific research purposes. Also NSC would like to request all the people to be aware of earthquakes all the time as Nepal lies in Earthquake prone zone. Beside the continuous effort of researcher’s working in this field no single reliable precursor is found by which earthquakes can be predicted. So NSC also request not to believe and get panicked with the prognosis of earthquakes made by priests, Lamas, Baba, Facebook etc.  

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